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Gold Standard Whey

 Gold Standard Whey Review

When it comes to protein, most of us have our “go to” brand or product. For me, that product is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. This was among one of the few proteins I tried when I first started lifting over ten years ago. In a ten year span, I have tried many different whey proteins, some good and some bad but I always find myself going back to this particular protein powder. Here is my Gold Standard Whey Review …


MixabilityEdblu Fitness 61zz1Euj-5L._SY355_ Gold Standard Whey Protein Review Blog Books  Gold Standard

Don’t you hate swallowing protein clumps when drinking your protein? I know I do. That’s why I feel this is an important aspect in my Gold Standard Whey Review. I normally use the vortex mixer to blend proteins because I find it does a better job at mixing than the standard shaker cup. I’ve tried Gold Standard whey using both methods and this protein mixes perfectly without any clumps both ways. Gold Standard Whey earns a 4/5 for mixability.


 TasteEdblu Fitness wheyprotein5poundbyoptimumnutrition1-300x200 Gold Standard Whey Protein Review Blog Books  Gold Standard

In my opinion, chocolate is usually the best flavor for any protein shake. It’s usually my safe choice. For this review, I used the Double Rich Chocolate flavor which tasted great. The flavor will change depending on if you’re using milk or water. I recommend using milk for this product for enhancing the taste because, with water, it feels little like watered down chocolate milk. Of course, if you are dieting, water is the way to go. I rate Gold Standard Whey 4.5/5 for taste.



The effectiveness of protein is realized over time. Unlike pre-workouts, you will not be able to determine how effective a protein is with only one serving. This will largely depend on you and your training/diet program. If your diet and training program is already fine tuned, taking Gold Standard Whey will definitely help you meet your daily protein requirements and make a difference in your recovery. I’ve been using this product for years and I know it makes a difference in muscle soreness and recovery. Gold Standard Whey earns a 5/5 for effectiveness.